...Come get your fix

The Hall Kids
Sophia - The Boss! 
Sophia has her daddy's love of animals.  She spends hours with him in the pen checking boxes, candling eggs and catching babies.  She also has a bantam chicken named "Princess Sparkly Tiny" that is her favorite but she is fascinated with all animals.
Skyler- Keeper.
Skyler helps in the aviary with feeding and catching.  He has learned the difference between many of the species and is getting pretty good with a net.
Levi - Keeper.
Levi helps with filling feeders and catching birds.  He helps ensure that things are running smoothly.

Mark and Heather

Raising birds is a lifelong passion for me.  When I was younger I never really had the money I needed to pursue my passion but since graduating college I have been working to create the best environment possible for the waterfowl that I raise while at the same time trying to juggle a job and family life.  Thankfully I have a great wife and kids that have supported me along the way.