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White Faced Whistling Ducks  $125/Pair (SOLD OUT)

​​​​Taking Order for fall delivery of waterfowl.  Check the AVAILABILITY Page for Current Inventory. If you wish to have your ducks shipped  then please visit our SHIPPING Page for all of your questions including estimated pricing and policy.


White Mandarins  

$175/Pair (SOLD OUT)

Ringed Teal  


Chiloe Widgeon 

$95/Pair (SOLD OUT)

Ruddy Ducks 

$200/Pair (SOLD OUT)

Silver Teal


Wood Ducks 


Radjah Shelducks (MALES ONLY)


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Email: mhall32@gmail.com

Silver Wood  Ducks

  $300/Pair (SOLD OUT)

Bahama Pintail

$90/Pair (SOLD OUT)

Silver Bahama Pintail

$100/Pair (SOLD OUT)