We guarantee live delivery to your post office.

If any bird arrives at your post office DOA we will refund the price of the bird.

The following conditions and exclusions apply:

  • Ducks must be picked up from the post office no later than 3 hrs after they are available for pick up.
  • Ducks must be checked before you leave the post office.

If you have any losses you will need to file  PS form 1000 (7530-02-000-9931) with your post office. This will need to be done at the time you are picking up the birds, two copies of this form need to be turned in to the post office, you will keep one copy. 

Please then e-mail a copy of the form along with photo of the bird to us within 12 hrs of the time you received the birds.

We will not issue refunds in the following circumstances:

  • Duckss are shipped when temperatures were more than 80 on either end of transaction.
  • If customer insisted on putting more birds in a box than we recommend.
  • Ducks were not picked up from the post office within 3 hrs of being available for pick up.
  • If we are notified of losses more than 12 hrs after the Ducks are received.
  • IF PS 1000 (7530-02-000-9931) was not filed correctly as outlined above
  • If photo and/or copy of form from post office is not provided

Tracking # and post offices estimated time of delivery will be e-mailed after the birds are sent, these e-mails are normally sent out in the evening.

We recommend that you contact your post office to let them know that you are expecting a shipment of live birds, normally if you request it, they will contact you as soon as the birds arrive, and often let you pick them up before the post office even opens.

We feel that the post office provides us with a very valuable service, in transporting our Mandarins and Wood Ducks, we do not ask the post office to refund postage for deliveries that arrive later than scheduled, unless the birds are harmed by the delay.  If the birds are harmed by the delay then it is up to you to fill out the proper damaged goods paperwork while at the post office.  I cannot do it for you.

Here at Quackhabit most shipping is done Oct-Dec.

We do not ship outside the continental US.

All of our shipping is done via " priority express mail" through the USPS. This is the USPS's fastest service. Using this service Mandarins, Wood Ducks or others will arrive either next day or second day, depending on the connections the airlines have that transport the mail.

We will not ship Mandarins or Wood Ducks unless temperatures are safe at both ends of the transaction. For safe shipping the high temperature for the day should be no greater than 80 on both ends of the transaction.

Mandarins and Wood Ducks can tolerate extreme colds much better than extreme heat. We will always contact the buyer before shipping their Mandarins, normally through   e-mail. If contact is not made, shipping will be delayed, until we are sure that someone will be available to receive the ducks when they arrive at their destination.


...Come get your fix

Please be patient in waiting for conditions to be safe for your Mandarins, Wood Ducks or other Waterfowl to be shipped. Here in AL summer is long and we commonly still have 80's and even 90's thru Sept and into Oct. The mail trucks that take the Wood Ducks and Mandarins to and from the airport are not air conditioned, it is likely to be hotter inside the truck that the temperature outside, and even hotter still inside the Mandarins box. The ducks mostly will not be kept in a temperature controlled environment at the airport while awaiting their plane. In short, the overall stress from shipping combined with heat can easily be deadly to your birds.

It also should be noted that Wood Ducks and Mandarins have a much higher tollerance to cold temperatures than hot ones, thus shipping to northern states in the winter is not a problem.

Approximate shipping prices per pairs of average sized ducks.

The following prices are approximate and may be more or less depending on your particular order.

1 pair $75.00
2 pair $85.00
3 pair $100.00
4 pair $130.00
5 or more pair **Call for pricing**
We only ship at the beginning of the week normally on Monday, sometimes Tuesday or Wednesday. This is to avoid any hang ups close to the weekend. We also do not ship close to any holidays that the post office will be closed or be very busy.

Shipping fees are charged at a flat rate, this rate is the rate that we will be charging to ship your order , it will not match the postage sticker on your box.

We ship only in USPS approved shipping containers, at this time Horizon is the only manufacturer of these that I am aware of.  The price of the properly sized Horizon shipping container is included in our flat rate shipping fee.  For more information on Horizon Boxes, please visit:

horizon boxes   http://www.hm-e.net/

Shipping Policy

We strongly recommend that all customer interested in having their waterfowl shipped, read over all of our shipping policies, before ordering ducks. Exceptions to our policies will not be made solely because customer did not read the shipping policies before placing an order.